I have been working as a developer since 2011. Due to the fact that I have always liked UI / UX related topics, I made a switch to Frontend in 2013. Something that I have been enjoying ever since.

I have been told that I am a team player who understands the importance of teamwork, collaboration, continuous feedback, and open communication.

Apart from my full-time job, together with other colleagues we have been developing an e-commerce platform called ServiteOnline , with the aim of helping stores to digitize their order management process, you will find more information below!

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Frontend Developer

ADEVINTA • Barcelona, Spain

It is a global digital player, the biggest marketplace specialist in Europe. Operating digital online classifieds in 12 countries

Adevinta central team

Currently working as a Senior Frontend Developer for a cross-platform team that develops a component that is used in different market places across various countries.

Main Technologies

JavaScript, Tailwind, Vue and Vuex

CWO & Co Founder

ServiteOnline • Remote

E-commerce solution that helps stores to go digital.

ServiteOnline Platform

I am one of the co-founders of ServiteOnline, a platform we created to help stores to digitalize their order management process. We are currently in the process of increasing our customer base, improving our features, and enhancing the product along the way based on market needs. About my specific role, from a technical perspective, I am responsible for the Web applications, for both User and Admin entry points. And, putting the technical part aside, I work on the product vision and analysis (an area that I currently focusing on, crucial for the development of our platform), plus UI/UX concerns taking usability and innovation as our main driving values.

Main Technologies

JavaScript, Stencil, Ionic, React and TailwindCSS

Frontend Developer

FEB 2018 - MAR 2020
FRONTMEN • Amsterdam, The Netherlands

International frontend developers consultancy company.


I worked as a Senior Frontend Developer in one of the main banks in The Netherlands, around 2.5 million customers in the country use Rabobank’s mobile banking services and many more people visit the website. In this project I was part of the core Frontend platform team, helping to deliver the new development ecosystem that is now used across the entire organization (more than 400 developers). In this regard I have been actively involved in the decision-making when selecting, migrating, introducing, and implementing the new monorepo set-up (to enhance collaboration, code reachability, coordinated deployments & versioning amongst others) along with the new upcoming design iterations of the different applications we support.

Main Technologies

JavaScript, AngularJs, Angular, Ionic, Stencil and Redux.

Frontend Developer

JUN 2017 - JAN 2018
MOBIQUITY • Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Within Mobiquity I worked as a Frontend Developer for different business domains. Gained a lot of experience working in an international environment, and the interview recruiting process.


I worked there as a Frontend consultant for this online banking platform for professional services, developing and helping the team to integrate and implement the UI (Web Apps and Hybrid Mobile Apps) of the company products with the different Bank cores systems.

Main Technologies

AngularJs, Angular, Protractor and Jasmine.

The Children's Place

Worked as a Web Developer for an e-commerce hybrid Mobile Application called The Children's Place, based on the US.

Main Technologies

Angular and Ionic

Frontend Developer

JAN 2016 - MAY 2017
NORSYNC • Tandil, Argentina

At Norsync where we worked in a startup model, I was really involved in all the phases of the development cycle of the projects. I also gained experience in other areas such as design and marketing.

Norweigan Stores

Worked as a Web and Mobile Frontend Developer, where I developed several hybrid applications and web apps from scratch that are now still in production, including Application distribution into the different stores. Regarding the business domain, the applications were Booking systems, Ticket systems, and Live feed events applications, among others. These apps were implemented in stores such as restaurants, sports clubs, bars, and shopping.

Main Technologies

AngularJs, Angular, Ionic, NodeJs, Protractor, Jasmine, Bootstrap and Gulp.

Software Engineer

APR 2014 – DEC 2015
SPARK DIGITAL • Tandil, Argentina

Within Devspark I did my first official step into Frontend development, something that I was already doing in my free time. I also gained experience in integration strategies, management, and team building. I had direct contact with many stakeholders from several backgrounds and their clients.


I led the development of a SPA. A private online social media called Likeminder, which allows users to share and support private and emotional conversations. Since we were a small team, I was involved in all technical and non-technical discussions related to the end product, and also was able to refactor the Application to improve several aspects that were missing at the moment that we took over it.

Main Technologies

Django, Heroku, AngularJs, JQuery, Protractor, jasmine, SASS, CSS, Bootstrap, and Grunt.


I worked as an APIgee 4G developer, which is a cloud-based platform for APIs. My duties were the design and development of RESTful APIs into Apigee Platform, in order to expose automatic digital supply chain services to increase the platform’s integration capabilities with third-party applications; application’s issue diagnostics and resolution; deployment management; and customer service orientation.

Main Technologies

APIGee products, JavaScript, RESTful, Jmeter and SoapUI.

Technical Consultant

NOV 2011 - NOV 2012
Grupo Assa
Grupo Assa • Tandil, Argentina

As this was my first IT-related job, I gained experience in multinational organizations, customer care, and working with distributed remote teams.

Johnson & Johnson

Worked as a JD Edwards developer, an Enterprise Resource Planning. My responsibilities included business process optimization, in order to improve our client’s business activities such as sales, deliveries, payments, production, inventory administration, and administration quality; review code for quality and adherence to standards; and, apply and analyze business requests to determine how best to create a successful resolution.

Main Technologies

JD Edwards, Oracle SQL, ERP technologies related and C/C++.

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